Week 6 – I Will Greet This Day With love….

I will greet this day with loveOne of the exercises that we started this week was to read Scroll 2 of Og Mandino.  As I started to read the first sentence was “I will greet this day with love in my heart”……this is so powerful was the first thing that went through my mind.  Not only would I “awake each morning with a vitality I have never know before” (Og Mandino, scroll 1) now my heart was also filled with love. This is what I have been waiting for.  For years I woke up and jumped out of bed straight into my day, always feeling tired, grumpy and miserable complaining about the amount of things to do.  I can not recall the amount of times I would say throughout the day how tired I was……to the point even I was getting tired of hearing it.

Feeling sheer excitement and eager to read through the entire Scroll 2, I continued eyes glued on the pages.  The words were so calming I felt light and peaceful with a spring in my step ready to embrace the day.

It seemed like I was in a movie, even though it is autumn and the leaves are falling off the trees…. yellow, brown and green lying on the ground it all looked so beautiful. I found myself taking notice and appreciating nature. Then it dawned on me, I too was slowly shedding my old blueprint just like the seasons and making room for the new….. and I am ready to welcome it with open arms.

This is only week 6 and I’m feeling great, looking forward to the rest of the course and discovering more about myself.

So, for now I leave you with love and have a blessed week… Until next week.!

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