Week 4 – My Brain Has A Mind of Its Own…!

This weeks lesson was mind blowing, we covered  Neuropeptides. Every thought we think produces emotional chemical called neuropeptides, they are molecules of emotion and they cascade through our entire body in less than a second and effects every cell in the body.

It is like our brain has a mind of its own, it keeps on doing things we don’t want it to do especially when there is a strong emotion going on.  For instance take  Fear,  we get addicted to this fear and our subconscious mind then puts us in positions without us even realising it where we will experience this fear.  How many times have we all used the word STRESSED so flippantly ………”Oh, I’m so stressed out” not realising that the more we think about this over and over again we have created neuropeptides in our body for stress which now becomes an addiction and needs to be fed.  Before you know it we have more stressed out days than not.

I find this all so fascinating, and it fits in so well with the saying “You are your own worst enemy.” It all starts with the world within….we have created this all in our minds and it has then manifested itself in the world without. I understand now why Mark, Davene and the team  stresses the point of being an observer.  It is crucial what we think about all day and take care of our emotional state.

Now I see how Og, Master Keys and the 15 minute sit all come into play.  By focusing on the world within and forming new habits and creating a new blueprint, we manifest our DMP, how incredible is that…..my 15 minutes has never felt so good!!

For those of you who would like to know more about Neuropeptides, check out this video that Mark shared with the class.

Have a blessed week all….until next time!







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7 thoughts on “Week 4 – My Brain Has A Mind of Its Own…!

  1. bianka2014

    Deirdre, you have summed it up so beautifully. Thank you for that! So scary to think that all flippant and “entertaining” remarks have such an impact on the subconscious mind! Being vigilant is the key (for me anyway) Thanks for a great blog. Anna

  2. kathyseys

    Excellent read. Changing our volunteers vocabulary as we speak to our subconscious changes everything. It is awesome. Every week we discover a little something about ourselves that was hidden in a very dark place in our soul. Now as we shed light on our souls, the world is opening up in an all new way. Be blessed.


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