Week 3 – DMP

From time to time we have all thought about what we would like our lives to be and the things we would like to have and do…!  We spend time talking to friends and relatives and more often than not it’s always a case of “if only I had enough money I would do this”……. and so on. Most people see this as fantasy and revisit it every so often but never doing anything about it.  Always focusing on not having the methods available and therefore not living their lives with intention.

Since week 1 we have been working on a written Definite Major Purpose (DMP), an autobiography of our future life. Wow, this was it…..I can write how I want my life to be. Excitement kicked in and that got me thinking… you know the type of things beautiful house, white picket fence, perfect job, travel the world…!! I was in my element..Then it dawned on me, some of the things that I thought I wanted were things that I was conditioned to think was best for me, it was other peoples dreams.  I thought I had this in the bag, boy was I wrong….what do I really want??


From the call last week Mark mentioned that we all have Personal Pivotal Needs, this is our true hearts desire, oxygen for the soul. There are 7 Pivotal Needs:-

  • Legacy
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Autonomy
  • Liberty
  • Helping Others
  • Recognition for Creative Expression
  • True Health

I now knew my PPN’s were Liberty and Legacy. It felt right and now all that was needed is to build that bridge. I am the architect and it is up to me to construct the masterpiece of my life in the form of a written Definite Major Purpose (DMP) to get me there.

My DMP has been redrafted now for the third time and it has been extremely challenging. The subconscious takes everything literally and does not work on fuzzy, so it was imperative to put all the fine little details… times, dates, places, written in present tense and most important add emotion…..how would I feel once my DMP has manifested??

So DMP done and with my guide…..until next week!!





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9 thoughts on “Week 3 – DMP

  1. kathyseys

    Yeah. Another person in the same boat I was in…figuring out what I wanted. Not what others wanted me to do. Very enlightening. Am excited to share this journey with you.

  2. masterkeydbell

    I thought I had mine nailed too Deirdre but you’re right. It has been so challenging! I’ll be done with my current re-write this evening – until next time 😀 Glad to be on this journey with you. NGU!

  3. deemasterkey

    Girl I am so happy for you! You touched me…I have struggled with my DMP 🙂 Getting specific is exciting and challenging! It made me realize why I haven’t done more with my life….I’m too vague!

  4. MKMMADeborah

    Great sharing and reminders about what our PPN’s really mean to us and the Why behind the Why – so spades out and get digging more – a timely prompt and reminder for my DMP Deidre. I too look forward to hearing how your journey unfolds 🙂

  5. Debbie Questel

    Wow….very insightful. Such a great point about being true to ourselves. This is the perfect time and place for you to be. All is truly well 🙂

  6. Cheryl A's - Master Key

    Great blog Deirdre – I so relate to what you’re saying – always wanted this and that, but never truly honed in on it – so its a whole different ball game when you truly have to dig and find out what your true hearts desire is!! Look forward to hearing how your self discovery journey unfolds.


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