Week – 21 I Am A Miracle

This week was a fantastic lesson was on miracles.  It is amazing how spending time in my sits Week 4 picopens up my mind to things that usually I would not give a second thought.  My mind flashed back to Og’s Scroll IV – I am natures greatest miracle, It was only this week that I realised how  true this is!  From the day that I was conceived I was a miracle. Within a matter of weeks being in my mother’s womb I was developing from a cluster of rapidly growing cells which were formed into a flat disk with three layers.  The first layer my brain, nerve tissue and skin.  From another my lungs and intestines.  From the last layer my heart, blood vessels, kidneys, genitals, bone and connective tissue. How can I not be Natures Greatest Miracle…!  I am made in Gods image perfect in every way.  “I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain not to shrink to a grain of sand.”


As we grow we develop our comfort zone, this comes about from our environment and what is going on around us. We start to have emotions of  guilt, anger, hurt feelings fear or unworthiness we resort back to what is comfortable to us to avoid going through these feelings.  You have to admit it is so much easier to go back to what is familiar and where you feel safe.  Well have I got news for you.  This is just a trap to keep us within our comfort zone and if we are trapped in our comfort zone, then we do not move forward. There were so many times when I was in school I did not want to speak up in class in  fear that I would say the wrong answer and be ridiculed, or ask a question that others thought might be silly.  It did not occur to me to say what I thought and be corrected and on some occasions I was actually right. So I resorted to saying nothing. This was a big hurdle for me but I had to face my fear and get past this to enable me to move forward. After all by asking questions, attempting an answer and then having it explained to you in a way that you can comprehend is the only way it sticks in the mind.  So fast forward a few years and I have other fears.  Funny that, but it seems that once you get past one of your negative emotions we seem to meet on another.

I had talked for years about wanting my own business and having the freedom to do the hours I want and to be able to fit things around my children. I eventually picked up the courage and done that but then I was faced with another fear….How was I going to do this? I was scared to talk to people!  From the aid of this course I have been able to use my fears as a tool to overcome that.  The 7 laws of the mind is my master tool….the only way that I was going to overcome my fear was to take steps in learning how to talk to people, to be totally connected with them and most importantly being able to find out what they need.  Like any profession I had to do some ground work and get some skills….this is the law of growth.  Once I took the time to really study what I needed to do and then applied it, my fear had subsided and it made a tremendous positive impact on my business.

Loving the journey………have a great week all..!!


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