Week 2 – Are We There Yet?

This week I have been focusing  on Og’s first Scroll forming new habits. The lunch time read has been a bit of a challenge, but I’m determined to override the old blueprint.

Mark introduced two of the index cards that we will be using over the next few weeks to train our brain to permanently eliminate fear and procrastination. On one index card it was to pick a chore that had to be done this week and beside that put a blue rectangle.  Then read the card all week and notice blue rectangles all around (internet, out shopping, magazines) and link the colour and shape to the chore.

                                              Ahhh, they keep chasing me……


Well,  blue rectangles were popping up everywhere. It was amazing, not only was I doing the chore I wrote on the card, I was even drawn to do other chores and not even complain about it, now that’s something…!

The latter part of this week was very emotional for me to the point of tears.  I noticed that there were so many times that my mind drifted into the old blueprint.  The wasting of time and energy to create exactly the things that I don’t want and which is not in harmony with my DMP.  Could it be that I am now becoming the observer of my own movie?

As Heather stated on the call this week, results never come before the cause.  Therefore, by utilising the Law of Dual Thought I can change the results.  After meditating on this for some time, I felt impatience setting in, this seemed like a long ride. How soon will it be to see the results I desired?   This reminds me, from a child patience was never my thing.  When going on  trips with the family I would ask the whole time Are We There Yet??…. thinking about it now I have to laugh..! This has filtered into my adult life.  If only I can be given a date, time and place of when things will happen then my mind would be at ease. There it was, my old blueprint raising its head!

This week has made me more aware of the watchman at the gate and focus on the Law of Dual Thought.…It is time to have Faith, Relax  and go with the laws of nature to produce the results that I do want.


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6 thoughts on “Week 2 – Are We There Yet?

  1. Debbie Questel

    I really had fun with those blue rectangles lol. But I can so relate to your emotions and the DMP….this is quite a journey my friend and I am honored to be with you along the way. 🙂

  2. craytond

    Really enjoyed reading your post Deirdre. I truly understand how emotional this process can become at certain times. Guessing that’s the digging down deep part! It’s cleansing in a matter of speaking. Old Blueprints will fall away in time…I’m counting on it! I need it! To each of us – much success in our journey.


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