Week 15 – A Make Over Without Surgery

This weeks class was amazing……we were told that we were each going to receive a makeover! imagesCA63W1TYDon’t worry, no surgery involved It is the Benjamin Franklin Makeover. Over the next 13 weeks we are going to focus on 1 virtue a week. These are all virtues we already have in us and by focusing on them intently will draw out our intrinsic goodness and allow our light to shine.

My #1  virtue for this week is Courage. By focusing on this virtue daily I found that my AWARENESS grew and I was able to take bold actions in my business.  Courage was something that I was struggling with.  I now have more control over my emotions and able to step out of my comfort zone with more ease.

What a fabulous week masterminding with my dear friend Cheryl who is also on this course. We both experienced day to day challenges such as negative talk from others. Being extremely mindful not to give any opinions, we conferred with each other as to the best way to handle the situation. Haanel states clearly “words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.”  Wow, this is serious suff!……with this in mind, it is imperative that we remain the guardsman at the gate and not attach any negative feeling to our thoughts which would then be vocalised and not be in harmony with our DMP. Enough said, Like Mike Tyson getting ready for a fight we put on our gloves someone was going down and it was not our future selves……It was time to put the tools to work that we had accumulated during the course. Between us we dug deep into our bag of tools and utilised the 7 laws of the mind, using the Law of subconscious, Law of Substitution reading bits of our DMP, Law of Forgiveness. Then what a knockout, Old Blue was down!! It was mind-blowing how my spirit was lifted after that and I felt at peace.

I had a great surprise when Cheryl sent me this video of us at NottingHill Carnival 2014 with our families. This was the highlight of my week…..thanks to Cheryl my family and I got to take part in the Carnival.  I am so grateful that I got the chance to have a lovely experience with them and most importantly to have this memory. My grand daughter was so elated to see herself in the video.

And in closing, I challenge you to focus on Courage this week.  See it in yourself and the people around you.  Maybe you want to ask someone out on a date, ask for that promotion at work or engaging in a  new experience. Yes, you can do these things it is already in you. Remember what we think about grows, allow your light to shine!

Have a great week!




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