Week 14 – Inspiring movie “Door-to-Door”

For this weeks assignment we had a choice of watching one or all of 4 films and linking the four habits that we have been practising that make up persistence; Definite Major Purpose (DMP), Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Plan of Action (POA) and a Master Mind (MMA).

Door to Door

The movie that really inspired me was Door to Door. A story of Bill Porter, a man who was born with cerebral palsy. From an early age Bill was always encouraged by his mother that he can accomplish anything that he put his mind to. Bill was told by the unemployment office that he was unemployable but he was in no way deterred by their opinion and set out to fulfil his DMP of getting employment and being independent. This has made me look at my DMP and to be more focused and not take my eye of the prize.  Everything for Bill first started as being a thought; I’m no different to him.  I too have thouhgts and written down my DMP, but the difference is that he kept it alive every single day! Not for one minute did he doubt it could not be done. I have to dig deep with the exercisese and keep my dream alive every single day, putting in more enthusiasm, really putting myself in the palce of it already fulfilled. It has also given me a sense of gratitude because I have all the tools to help me to do that.

With all the rejection Bill experienced going to the Watkins Product company he kept a PMA. Not for one minute did he believe that he would not get that job and he persevered until he did. On his route he had doors slammed in his face, ridiculed because of his appearance, verbal abuse but he kept going. There are days when I feel that I’m too tired to read Og three times a day, to read through all my index cards and do the sit.  But Bill has just confirmed how important it is to have a PMA.  All the reads, shapes, colours, sits and index cards are a combination of things that will keep all the negativity out of my mind and only focused on the positive things that I want.  These are the things that help strenghthen my mind and get me to my goals.

Bill’s POA was to knock on every single door each day. for every no that someone said, he did not hear that. What he heard was I will take something next time or come back next week. This has got me questioning myself….I have a written POA, but do I stick to what has been written down? do I take consistent action?  This is an area I have to admit I have fallen short. If I take a few steps each day just like Bill then I will reach my goal. Things didn’t just drop out of the sky for Bill and it certainly will not for me…..It all boils down to me following through on my POA come what may.

Bill developed a MMA with his mother who believed in and supported him with his DMP. Shelly, his personal assistant helped him with his deliveries.  With his physical challenges  he got help from staff members at a hotel to help him tie his shoe laces and putting on his tie, the same time he gave them joy by telling jokes and making them laugh. Bill was surrounded around positive people, all working together.  I am so blessed to have a MMA with other members on this course who are prepared to support and encourage me along my journey to success.

This was an extremely inspiring film for me. Bill never gave up, he was determined to live life to the fullest.  He made great and long lasting friendships with people he met along the way as well as with his customers.  He was filled with compassion, sincerity and love for all.  No matter what challenges we face in life, so long as we have the four habits of persistence we can have what we want. Door- to Door is a great family movie and I encourage you all to watch it and see for yourself the four habits of persistence.

I hope you enjoy and that you find something in this movie that will inspire and guide you.  I wish you all a Happy New Year…….until next week!

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3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Inspiring movie “Door-to-Door”

  1. Ferial

    Wow!! What a great summary. I have a PMA , my POA is where I need to dig in and really work .
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Ellen L

    Wow – I love how you’ve related every single one of the Four Habits of Persistence to your self and your journey, with Bill in Door to Door as a model! Keep examining, and I will keep eagerly reading the course of your quest!


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