Week 10 – A Snap Shot of the Beauty Within…!

This week I had a bad dream that made me feel extremely uncomfortable that it woke me Peaceful sleepup.  I sprung up and then I heard a voice say the Law of Substitution.  Feeling the urge to fill my mind with positive thoughts I instantly reached for my phone, put my head phones on and played my DMP recording.  The subconscious never sleeps and my determination was to get as much positivity in my mind in the shortest time possible. Before I knew it I had drifted back off in a peaceful sleep.  The following morning I recalled that I had a bad feeling about a dream but no recollection of what that dream was about. My mind was filled with positive thoughts of my future that everything else that was not in harmony vanished!

Our exercise this week was to look at a blank space on a wall and visualise a cone on a square base, then mentally change its colours from black to white, red and then yellow…..I got myself all geared up, sat on the edge of my bed all relaxed and started to stare at the blank space on my wall.  My eyes started to water, my vision got blurred and my eyes balls got so big I thought they were going to pop out off my head at any moment..!  Twenty minutes went by and I did not even see one black line.  My mind went on the rampage……Why could I not see anything?  Why is it so hard for me to visualise? I have dreams and see images clear as day, so why could I not visualise?…… Could it be my posture? Then I came to the conclusion maybe I was thinking about it too hard.  So I tried to relax and tried again for another 20 mins but the same thing happened.

The following day I spoke with a dear friend of mine Julie Ebanks who is also on the MKMMA course and asked her what her experience was with the exercise and if she actually saw anything.  She told me that she did see the shape and colours.  I was a little frustrated at myself and one thing she did suggest to me was to imagine that I was looking at a giant white cinema projector screen in my mind and draw the image  and see the colours changing. I was willing to try anything, I wanted to feel this experience and could not wait to try it again. That evening I done my read and then came the sit..! Holding in mind what Julie had said I followed her instructions, then WOW! There it was, my image was right in my face. What I had been doing all along was looking at things as they are on the outside and not tuning  into my inner self. The key is practise and the more I tune into my inner being the stronger it will become.

Until next week….Give more, Get more!!



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8 thoughts on “Week 10 – A Snap Shot of the Beauty Within…!

  1. David Eggers

    I haven’t used my recording as a Substitution yet, but that’s a great idea! Love the example of the power of Masterminding, too! Great bog! Keep up the work! ~Onward – David

  2. Ellen L

    Wow – great linking with the Law of Substitution and the nightmare! I like the idea of the projector, too; I’ll have to try that when I go back to practice that particular exercise.

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