Week 1 – Master Key Experience: Brand New Beginnings..!

MindThe day has finally arrived and I’m back on the MKMMA course, filled with so much excitement and ready to go…!  It’s amazing how much I have missed it.  Starting again at the beginning it feels like a breath of fresh air.  Reading through the first lesson in the Masterkey, and there is just no getting away from it…..”We are what we think.”

The mind is the most powerful tool that we have and yet so many of us do not know the extent of how powerful we are.   So many times we come up with the excuses that we do not have the time, which is all a load of crap.  Every one of us has the same amount of time it is just making a choice about what we do with it.  The bottom line is, if anything is to change in our lives then we have to make that change. This year I have made the commitment to go even deeper with this course and keep growing.  To have a positive impact in my life and the world, then I must make the time to work on myself starting with my mind…!


And how am I going to do this??


My mornings start on a positive note by:-

  • Reading The Greatest Salesman Scroll 1 in silence, feeding my mind and forming good Og Mandinohabits.
  • Reading my Blue Print Builder out LOUD with feeling. It’s all about tilling the soil, getting it prepared for my new blueprint.
  • Reading my Definite Major Purpose out LOUD, with passion……who cares if anyone hears me!!  Wow, what a difference repetition makes.   When I started this last year I was so conscious of who would hear me.


My Afternoons:-

  • Read The Greatest Salesman Scroll 1 in silence, and loving every minute of it.
  • If I am travelling, listening to MasterKeys audio. It just keeps all the negative stuff out.


MeditationMy Evenings can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  I start to feel tired, or there is something I want to watch on TV, which of course is just a BIG distraction.  But I have resisted and make the time in the last hour before bed to do the following:-

  • Read my Blue Print Builder out LOUD with feeling. Once I start reading, it’s amazing how the tiredness goes.
  • Read my Definite Major Purpose out LOUD, with passion.
  • Read The Greatest Salesman  Scroll 1 out LOUD.
  • MasterKeys chapter 1.  I like to read this out loud to get full understanding.
  • Then before I go to sleep SIT for 20 minutes in silence. I just LOVE this…. It brings such a great feeling of peace and tranquillity to end the day, and I get a good nights sleep.


Who would have thought that I could fit all this in around my normal day!!

I would love to hear what you do to work on your mindset each day. Please share in the comments.

Well, that’s my first week and thank you for stopping by.

Have a blessed and fruitful week…!

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