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Posted: Monday, 21 September 2020, 12:45

It was Mon 21st Sept 2020 and I was sitting on a Boeing 737 to Grand Cayman to meet with Deirdre, an Entrepreneur and successful business woman who built a tremendous and thriving International business.  I was keen to catch up with her to find out how it was possible through her new career to move from London and now live where she calls paradise! As the plane ascended into Owen Roberts International Airport, I was captivated by the magnificent view of the bright blue sky with a few scattered puffy white clouds.  As we got closer inland I saw the sea with beautiful colours of mauves and deep purples moving through every shade of blue until they got closer to the sandy shores, and then turning a mix of green and turquoise.


It was 10am when I departed customs and I still had 3 hours before meeting Deirdre.  So, I decided to head over to the hotel to freshen up before meeting with her at her home, which I was told was 30 minutes away from the hotel. At 12.15pm I received a call from the front desk, informing me that my driver had arrived and I made my way to my meeting.

We pulled off the road and onto the large paved driveway with double garage outside a colonial style house, with a few palm trees and shrubs at either side which gave it a welcoming touch. There I was greeted by Deirdre with arms stretched giving me a hug and a smile beaming from ear to ear.  She was dressed in a white racer back summer dress, complimented with black sandals.

Oprah –  Hi Deirdre, it’s so good to finally meet you.  I know that you have been travelling a lot, so thanks for seeing me.

Deirdre -The pleasure is all mines Oprah.  I cannot believe you are here interviewing at my home.

Deirdre led the way inside and showed my around her home before we started our interview. The house had a warm inviting feeling and consisted of 4 large double bedrooms upstairs with a family size bathroom.  Each room had an ensuite and walk in wardrobes. The sweeping staircase led into the generous size hallway and flowed perfectly into the open plan living area, there was an adjoining door which led to the dining room and then into a chef style kitchen with granite worktops and luxury appliances.  The full length glass doors in the kitchen led out onto a screened patio overlooking the pool.  There was an outdoor entertaining space with barbecue, children’s play area and well maintained lush garden which was filled with vibrant flowers and palm trees.  To the side of the main building stood a spacious self contained 2 bedroom apartment, which Deirdre informed me was mainly used by her children when then came to visit.

To be continued…..






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