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Week 2 – Master Key Experience: Finding My Way

I was drawn to revisit my DMP this week. After reading it a few times throughout the week it just did not feel complete, something was just off..!!  I have to admit, it has taken me so many drafts to get it to this point.  It dawned on me that what I had in my DMP was just a string of words.  There was no real feeling or life and it definitely was not clear as to what I want. I put pen to paper this week and decided to work on it again.  The amazing thing happened, my hand just started to write and before I knew it I had rewritten my DMP. This now feels like me..!! I have read my new DMP out loud 3 times a day this week with enthusiasm, and the words of Og Mandino stick in my mind:-

“As I repeat these words they will soon become part of my active mind but more importantly they will seep into my other mind, that mysterious source, which never sleeps, which creates my dreams and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.” 

You see the subconscious mind has no defence against our own voice. By reading my DMP in this way for about 28 days, my mind will be focused on what I want.  It will start to override my Old Blueprint and manifest my DMP.

Week 1 – Master Key Experience: Brand New Beginnings..!

MindThe day has finally arrived and I’m back on the MKMMA course, filled with so much excitement and ready to go…!  It’s amazing how much I have missed it.  Starting again at the beginning it feels like a breath of fresh air.  Reading through the first lesson in the Masterkey, and there is just no getting away from it…..”We are what we think.”

The mind is the most powerful tool that we have and yet so many of us do not know the extent of how powerful we are.   So many times we come up with the excuses that we do not have the time, which is all a load of crap.  Every one of us has the same amount of time it is just making a choice about what we do with it.  The bottom line is, if anything is to change in our lives then we have to make that change. This year I have made the commitment to go even deeper with this course and keep growing.  To have a positive impact in my life and the world, then I must make the time to work on myself starting with my mind…!


And how am I going to do this??


My mornings start on a positive note by:-

  • Reading The Greatest Salesman Scroll 1 in silence, feeding my mind and forming good Og Mandinohabits.
  • Reading my Blue Print Builder out LOUD with feeling. It’s all about tilling the soil, getting it prepared for my new blueprint.
  • Reading my Definite Major Purpose out LOUD, with passion……who cares if anyone hears me!!  Wow, what a difference repetition makes.   When I started this last year I was so conscious of who would hear me.


My Afternoons:-

  • Read The Greatest Salesman Scroll 1 in silence, and loving every minute of it.
  • If I am travelling, listening to MasterKeys audio. It just keeps all the negative stuff out.


MeditationMy Evenings can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  I start to feel tired, or there is something I want to watch on TV, which of course is just a BIG distraction.  But I have resisted and make the time in the last hour before bed to do the following:-

  • Read my Blue Print Builder out LOUD with feeling. Once I start reading, it’s amazing how the tiredness goes.
  • Read my Definite Major Purpose out LOUD, with passion.
  • Read The Greatest Salesman  Scroll 1 out LOUD.
  • MasterKeys chapter 1.  I like to read this out loud to get full understanding.
  • Then before I go to sleep SIT for 20 minutes in silence. I just LOVE this…. It brings such a great feeling of peace and tranquillity to end the day, and I get a good nights sleep.


Who would have thought that I could fit all this in around my normal day!!

I would love to hear what you do to work on your mindset each day. Please share in the comments.

Well, that’s my first week and thank you for stopping by.

Have a blessed and fruitful week…!

Week 22 – Mixed Emotions

Emotions 2

At the start of this week I have had such mixed emotions….from a feeling of fear, happy to sad, to being frustrated with myself. It seems to be numerous things that are causing my emotions to change. After observing my actions and being truly honest with myself, I have been resisting my future self..! It takes hard mental work to make changes and I have noticed some resistance within myself to doing the work necessary, which of course results in me making excuses.

I recall as a child my mum trying to protect me and using fear to a degree just to keep me safe. From don’t touch that as you will hurt yourself or don’t go out at dark as something might happen to you.  The classic one was when I was around 12 years old and wanted to go to the school disco……according to mum she saw on the news that a few teenagers went to a disco and one of them started dancing and jumping up so much that they mixed up their brains and collapsed……..Yes, this use to scare the crap out of me… you know what I listened. I always thought it was strange how mum use to come up with all these horror stories, and I have to say she was great at them…! But it was her way of keeping me safe.

Emotions 1At some stage in our lives we have all experienced the negative emotions of Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings and Anger. The feeling does not feel pleasant so it’s always easier to revert to our comfort zone and shrink back into what makes us comfortable. I was so relieved to know that these negative emotions can be used as tools to press forward and to accomplish our hearts desire. I would like to share with you some of what I learnt this week about these negative emotions.

Fear –  carries with it such an enormous energy, we are so afraid that we concentrate intensely on what we are afraid of.  By using this energy we can instead use the Law of Substitution and think about our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) turning our minds from fear and focusing on what we want.

Guilt – When you feel guilt about not doing part of your DMP, the thing that you desire most in your heart and have not fulfilled.  Don’t beat yourself up, instead be the observer and feel good within yourself as you know exactly what you have to do.

Unworthiness – I spent days writing out my DMP, turn those feelings of unworthiness to being worthy.  Am I worthy of fulfilling my DMP?? Hell yes….. I thought about it, put my feelings into it and wrote it. Sometimes it takes time to fulfill your hearts desire but if you can create it in your mind you are worthy of having it.

Hurt Feelings – If your feelings get hurt or someone says you can’t do something, use that energy to refocus on your passion by using the Law of Substitution and Dual Thought.

Anger – this carries with it massive energy, use this energy to change and to do.  Use the Law of Substitution and Dual Thought to channel this energy and use it towards productivity.

I started this week with mixed emotions and happy to say that I am ending it on a great note.  By utilising the negative emotions and channelling them into the right areas I feel so much better.  My focus is back on what matters.

Thank you all for reading my post and have a fantastic week….!


Week – 21 I Am A Miracle

This week was a fantastic lesson was on miracles.  It is amazing how spending time in my sits Week 4 picopens up my mind to things that usually I would not give a second thought.  My mind flashed back to Og’s Scroll IV – I am natures greatest miracle, It was only this week that I realised how  true this is!  From the day that I was conceived I was a miracle. Within a matter of weeks being in my mother’s womb I was developing from a cluster of rapidly growing cells which were formed into a flat disk with three layers.  The first layer my brain, nerve tissue and skin.  From another my lungs and intestines.  From the last layer my heart, blood vessels, kidneys, genitals, bone and connective tissue. How can I not be Natures Greatest Miracle…!  I am made in Gods image perfect in every way.  “I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain not to shrink to a grain of sand.”


As we grow we develop our comfort zone, this comes about from our environment and what is going on around us. We start to have emotions of  guilt, anger, hurt feelings fear or unworthiness we resort back to what is comfortable to us to avoid going through these feelings.  You have to admit it is so much easier to go back to what is familiar and where you feel safe.  Well have I got news for you.  This is just a trap to keep us within our comfort zone and if we are trapped in our comfort zone, then we do not move forward. There were so many times when I was in school I did not want to speak up in class in  fear that I would say the wrong answer and be ridiculed, or ask a question that others thought might be silly.  It did not occur to me to say what I thought and be corrected and on some occasions I was actually right. So I resorted to saying nothing. This was a big hurdle for me but I had to face my fear and get past this to enable me to move forward. After all by asking questions, attempting an answer and then having it explained to you in a way that you can comprehend is the only way it sticks in the mind.  So fast forward a few years and I have other fears.  Funny that, but it seems that once you get past one of your negative emotions we seem to meet on another.

I had talked for years about wanting my own business and having the freedom to do the hours I want and to be able to fit things around my children. I eventually picked up the courage and done that but then I was faced with another fear….How was I going to do this? I was scared to talk to people!  From the aid of this course I have been able to use my fears as a tool to overcome that.  The 7 laws of the mind is my master tool….the only way that I was going to overcome my fear was to take steps in learning how to talk to people, to be totally connected with them and most importantly being able to find out what they need.  Like any profession I had to do some ground work and get some skills….this is the law of growth.  Once I took the time to really study what I needed to do and then applied it, my fear had subsided and it made a tremendous positive impact on my business.

Loving the journey………have a great week all..!!


Week 19 – I AM


This was a fantastic documentary, extremely insightful and definitely  one to watch.  It is based on Tom Shadyac the movie director of Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty. From an accident Tom experienced Post Concussion Syndrome.  Being so close to death lead him to rethink his priorities in life and there were two questions that he wanted to know.  What’s wrong with our world?  and, What can we do to change it?

Tom had everything that you could think of, money, the great big house in Beverly Hills, private plane. Our culture said it was the measure of the good life however, all this was totally insignificant as it did not make him feel any happier.  The truth is that wealth does not give you the happiness you seek..! It made me think about the things in life that a lot of us seem to gravity towards, those symbols……such as the perfect house, nice cars and money.  We become selfish and forget the most important things that is staring us in the face. The things that money cannot buy like, our families, kindness, love and being true to ourselves. Our first point of focus should be on ourselves, knowing exactly who we are, finding the I within..!  It is said that “change is the result of a million tiny acts” and It became apparent how the 7 laws of the mind is the road map to it all, this is how we find our way to be at peace with ourselves and able to give to others freely from the heart showing each other kindness, forgiveness and love.  If we all done just a little bit it would make society a better place.


Not even money could have changed Tom’s fate if it was his time to go.   This made me think about Og scroll V that we have been reading this month, to “live each day as if it is your last.” I am privileged to be here on this journey of life and it has made me realise that this precious gift that I have been given should not be taken for granted or wasted. I have been put on this earth for a purpose, it was not by chance and it must be respected and upheld in the highest regard.

What I took away from this documentary that was so rewarding is that each and everyone of us has the power to change and transform our lives and the world around us..!

If you are ready to make that transformation but not sure where to start, then please accept my gift for a FREE 7 Days To A New Life on the right of this post. This will put you on the right path.

I would like to thank each and everyone for taking the time to read my post.

Give more, get more….

Until next week!