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Week 4 – Master Key Experience: It’s all About the Peptides!!

Every thought we think produces emotional chemicals called neuropeptides.  They are molecules of emotion that cascade through our entire body in less than a second affecting every cell.

This is all driven by our emotional state.  If you’re angry on a daily basis, then more neuropeptides will be created for anger. What’s the outcome?  You find that you unconsciously put yourself in positions that will fuel this anger….you need your fix…. you are now addicted to anger!

Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, the nerve or muscle.  This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the tissue.  Therefore, it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a given subject in order to bring about a complete change in the physical organisation of a man (Haanel)

In the readings of Og, only a habit can subdue another habit.  The only way to create new peptides is to form new ones, to create a new habit.  Each week we have been using our chore cards to help us with this process.  By writing down something small that we know we can control.  For instance, cleaning out the car.  Each week we  have gradually increased our efforts by adding more things to the chore card.  The pay off…….we gain control of our THOUGHTS and by extension, ourselves.

I can not believe how much I have enjoyed this process. The tiny little things like cleaning out a cupboard that I always meant to do but never had the time.  From having this on my chore card and knowing that what is written has to be completed, it has made a tremendous difference…….I actually enjoyed doing it!

For those who would like to know a bit more about Neuropeptides, here is a fantastic video that we say in class.

Have a Blessed week all

Give more……..Get more!

Week 19 – I AM


This was a fantastic documentary, extremely insightful and definitely  one to watch.  It is based on Tom Shadyac the movie director of Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty. From an accident Tom experienced Post Concussion Syndrome.  Being so close to death lead him to rethink his priorities in life and there were two questions that he wanted to know.  What’s wrong with our world?  and, What can we do to change it?

Tom had everything that you could think of, money, the great big house in Beverly Hills, private plane. Our culture said it was the measure of the good life however, all this was totally insignificant as it did not make him feel any happier.  The truth is that wealth does not give you the happiness you seek..! It made me think about the things in life that a lot of us seem to gravity towards, those symbols……such as the perfect house, nice cars and money.  We become selfish and forget the most important things that is staring us in the face. The things that money cannot buy like, our families, kindness, love and being true to ourselves. Our first point of focus should be on ourselves, knowing exactly who we are, finding the I within..!  It is said that “change is the result of a million tiny acts” and It became apparent how the 7 laws of the mind is the road map to it all, this is how we find our way to be at peace with ourselves and able to give to others freely from the heart showing each other kindness, forgiveness and love.  If we all done just a little bit it would make society a better place.


Not even money could have changed Tom’s fate if it was his time to go.   This made me think about Og scroll V that we have been reading this month, to “live each day as if it is your last.” I am privileged to be here on this journey of life and it has made me realise that this precious gift that I have been given should not be taken for granted or wasted. I have been put on this earth for a purpose, it was not by chance and it must be respected and upheld in the highest regard.

What I took away from this documentary that was so rewarding is that each and everyone of us has the power to change and transform our lives and the world around us..!

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I would like to thank each and everyone for taking the time to read my post.

Give more, get more….

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Week 18 – What if Today Was Your Last?

Og Scroll 5This week was mind blowing..!  We started reading Og Mandino’s Scroll V, an extract reads I will live this day as if it is my last. I have but one life and life is naught but a measurement of time.  When I waste one I destroy the other.  If I waste today I destroy the last page of my life.  Therefore, each hour of this day will I cherish for it can never return.  It cannot be banked today to be withdrawn on the morrow, for who can trap the wind? Each minute of this day I grasp with both hands and fondle with love for its value is beyond price. 

I started to reflect on the words of Og, the silly little things in life that we get upset about are of no real importance.  It made me think of my children.  What is my relationship like with them?  What if today was my last? How would I want to be remembered?  So many things were buzzing in my head, but it was not of fear like I would of had years ago.  Instead I was filled with love, peace and appreciation.  I am blessed to be a mother and have three healthy children. I got in touch with each of them and told them how much I loved them. If this was my last day, that is one thing I want them to remember.

Og book

I will avoid with fury the killers of time.  Procrastination I will destroy with action; doubt I will bury under faith; fear I will dismember with confidence. Where there are idle mouths I will listen not; where there are idle bodies I will visit not.  Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing and warmth from those I love.  I am not a thief.  I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness. 

Og surely got me to pull my socks up.  I had postponed getting a poster done for our event for so long. After doing my sit this week and pondering on Scroll v, I got to business and designed my poster for our upcoming even, amazing what an app can do.  I have not designed a poster before but with all these exercisises we have been doing my confidence has soared..! It was time to kick procrastination to the curb for good with full on action. It is so easy to take things for granted and put things off for a while and say we will do them tomorrow, but tomorrow just always seems to get extended to the next day and so on.  Time is not promised to us and we have to take each moment to be the best we can be.

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On that note I bid you farewell until next week.
Have a great and blessed week…!