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Week 5 – Reflection

From the lesson this week, one thing that really stood out in my mind was the exercise we had to do.  This was to have no Opinion!  We learnt that in order for us to break away from other peoples ideas for our lives we need to detach ourselves.  All the attachment we have to people, places and things make detachment impossible and therefore trapping us unconsciously to our associative non-creative memory. We can not create a new blueprint and live a life of purpose from our associative memory. This exercise will allow us to live our lives from the frontal creative lobe, a creative place with a rich flow of ideas.

During this exercise the only way that we could have an opinion was if we were an expert on the subject in question or we were directly asked for an opinion.  As soon as I heard this I froze…..What was I going to do? How am I going to get through this? How was I going to have a conversation?  that means that I can’t even speak….It was total panic!!

Not long after the webcast, my daughter was talking to me and constantly asking me questions and waiting for my response.  All that rang in my head was remember what the exercise is for this week. I quickly mulled over the criteria as to when I could give an opinion to which I did not meet……. so I hmmm and arrrrd whilst I slowly tried to make an exit out of her room as it felt like I was going to explode. I could not think of anything to say totally speechless…..I have never felt so trapped..! Whilst trying to make my escape thinking that I was being extremely inconspicuous she said “your not even giving me your opinion, your just looking for a way to slip out the door.”  Well, that was all I needed to hear, she was asking for my opinion…..right!  Ok, maybe she did not say exactly……what is your opinion? but it seemed close enough so I gave her just that….. what a relief!

This was the first time that my daughter had said to me that I am not giving her an opinion.  Usually she says that all she wants sometimes is for me just to listen and not say anything.  I had no idea the strong attachment that I have to my associative memory.  It has been difficult this week getting through this exercise and so far there has not been one full day without giving an opinion.  So, I will keep being an observer and persevere until I find the “I” within.

Have a great week all….give more, get more. Until next week..!