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Week 4 – My Brain Has A Mind of Its Own…!

This weeks lesson was mind blowing, we covered  Neuropeptides. Every thought we think produces emotional chemical called neuropeptides, they are molecules of emotion and they cascade through our entire body in less than a second and effects every cell in the body.

It is like our brain has a mind of its own, it keeps on doing things we don’t want it to do especially when there is a strong emotion going on.  For instance take  Fear,  we get addicted to this fear and our subconscious mind then puts us in positions without us even realising it where we will experience this fear.  How many times have we all used the word STRESSED so flippantly ………”Oh, I’m so stressed out” not realising that the more we think about this over and over again we have created neuropeptides in our body for stress which now becomes an addiction and needs to be fed.  Before you know it we have more stressed out days than not.

I find this all so fascinating, and it fits in so well with the saying “You are your own worst enemy.” It all starts with the world within….we have created this all in our minds and it has then manifested itself in the world without. I understand now why Mark, Davene and the team  stresses the point of being an observer.  It is crucial what we think about all day and take care of our emotional state.

Now I see how Og, Master Keys and the 15 minute sit all come into play.  By focusing on the world within and forming new habits and creating a new blueprint, we manifest our DMP, how incredible is that… 15 minutes has never felt so good!!

For those of you who would like to know more about Neuropeptides, check out this video that Mark shared with the class.

Have a blessed week all….until next time!







Week 3 – DMP

From time to time we have all thought about what we would like our lives to be and the things we would like to have and do…!  We spend time talking to friends and relatives and more often than not it’s always a case of “if only I had enough money I would do this”……. and so on. Most people see this as fantasy and revisit it every so often but never doing anything about it.  Always focusing on not having the methods available and therefore not living their lives with intention.

Since week 1 we have been working on a written Definite Major Purpose (DMP), an autobiography of our future life. Wow, this was it…..I can write how I want my life to be. Excitement kicked in and that got me thinking… you know the type of things beautiful house, white picket fence, perfect job, travel the world…!! I was in my element..Then it dawned on me, some of the things that I thought I wanted were things that I was conditioned to think was best for me, it was other peoples dreams.  I thought I had this in the bag, boy was I wrong….what do I really want??


From the call last week Mark mentioned that we all have Personal Pivotal Needs, this is our true hearts desire, oxygen for the soul. There are 7 Pivotal Needs:-

  • Legacy
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Autonomy
  • Liberty
  • Helping Others
  • Recognition for Creative Expression
  • True Health

I now knew my PPN’s were Liberty and Legacy. It felt right and now all that was needed is to build that bridge. I am the architect and it is up to me to construct the masterpiece of my life in the form of a written Definite Major Purpose (DMP) to get me there.

My DMP has been redrafted now for the third time and it has been extremely challenging. The subconscious takes everything literally and does not work on fuzzy, so it was imperative to put all the fine little details… times, dates, places, written in present tense and most important add emotion… would I feel once my DMP has manifested??

So DMP done and with my guide…..until next week!!





Week 2 – Are We There Yet?

This week I have been focusing  on Og’s first Scroll forming new habits. The lunch time read has been a bit of a challenge, but I’m determined to override the old blueprint.

Mark introduced two of the index cards that we will be using over the next few weeks to train our brain to permanently eliminate fear and procrastination. On one index card it was to pick a chore that had to be done this week and beside that put a blue rectangle.  Then read the card all week and notice blue rectangles all around (internet, out shopping, magazines) and link the colour and shape to the chore.

                                              Ahhh, they keep chasing me……


Well,  blue rectangles were popping up everywhere. It was amazing, not only was I doing the chore I wrote on the card, I was even drawn to do other chores and not even complain about it, now that’s something…!

The latter part of this week was very emotional for me to the point of tears.  I noticed that there were so many times that my mind drifted into the old blueprint.  The wasting of time and energy to create exactly the things that I don’t want and which is not in harmony with my DMP.  Could it be that I am now becoming the observer of my own movie?

As Heather stated on the call this week, results never come before the cause.  Therefore, by utilising the Law of Dual Thought I can change the results.  After meditating on this for some time, I felt impatience setting in, this seemed like a long ride. How soon will it be to see the results I desired?   This reminds me, from a child patience was never my thing.  When going on  trips with the family I would ask the whole time Are We There Yet??…. thinking about it now I have to laugh..! This has filtered into my adult life.  If only I can be given a date, time and place of when things will happen then my mind would be at ease. There it was, my old blueprint raising its head!

This week has made me more aware of the watchman at the gate and focus on the Law of Dual Thought.…It is time to have Faith, Relax  and go with the laws of nature to produce the results that I do want.


Week 1 – Sowing The Seeds of Change

Here I go…… this is the first week of my journey to self discovery.  It has been a challenge for me this week as I am embarking on something new and not sure what to expect.Even though I am extremely excited and at the same time a little anxious about the task that I have to complete.

This is my first ever Blog and I have noticed that there has been some resistance when it came to writing as this is all new to me.  But I have decided to bite the bullet, even though I am not sure exactly where to start.  One good place I suppose would be at the beginning…

After reading through Haanel’s lesson this week, what really got my attention was when he points out that the mind is creative and it effects all of our surroundings, environment and everything that happens to us in life is based on our mental attitude. This really got my mind racing, then I had an aha moment, it finally hit home…for things to change I have to CHANGE in my THINKING..!!  I am the one in control of my life and I can create it by design. If I am to make a difference in my life, then it has to come first from within by refocusing my thoughts.  No more of the blame game, or pointing fingers, its time for me to to take action.

I was so thrilled at this discovery and kept reading, how would I know once I have reached the world within? Then there it was, it was as though Haanel was talking to me himself,  “Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything.”  Wow…there it is, I now have the starting point for CHANGE!!